The Assurance of Rest a Promise of God Even in the Mist of Doubts

The Assurance of Rest a Promise of God Even in the Mist of Doubts

The origin of our being as human beings is without our contributions thus our being is only a gift from our maker. In his omniscience and omnipotence he created us and more importantly in his own image, thus as the book of Genesis stated “in his own image he created us male and female and God looked and saw that all he created is good.” Therefore we are “from God” as we share his being through creation, but “becoming of God” is our responsibility as we make free choices between good and negation of good. Therefore our becoming of God consummates our emanation from God.

This God is the source of all good, and he also thinks good of his creation and assures us of enriching us if we walk in his path (becoming of God). Therefore this God must be of justice if he holds us accountable for all that we do. In a simple term that if we do our path of becoming of his, and then his assurances will equal our choice/responsibility. Every day we are challenged to question the omniscience and justice of God as we confront our difficulties. Why would a barren woman for 14 years who later became pregnant but only to die while delivery the baby. Where is this justice that operates on the guidance of omniscience? Why would a woman who has married for many years, had problem with conceiving a child, decides to adopt three children with the husband, only for the husband to be sick which puts him on permanent disability, and more so the wife just found out that she herself has stage 4 cancer thus has few months to live. Where is the assurance of good for becoming of his and what is the justice for the children whose aye moment is suddenly cut off? (Yes indeed but his justice is built in his mercy as his wisdom goes beyond the empirical. we are called not only to do good but to be of good).

The conflicts of why, how, what and when are not parallel to human nature, but the wisdom of understanding these conflicts is only a gift of faith, hope and consistence of character since in the words of

“the devil knows that when he weakens our faith, replaces our hope with despair we will seize to praise God, we live to die hopelessly and we question the truth of God’s assurance of his ever abiding love.”

monsignor Nworgu A

The faithfulness of God lies on the appointed time of His operation, since his ways are not ours, he takes care of the cause and effects and not just the symptoms, he heals and restores permanently since his being is whole. Everything will pass away but none of his words passes away without fulfilment but only in the minds of the faithful and life of the hopeful with consistency of character.

Life without hope is life without faith, life without faith is life without God and the consequence of this is lifelessness, whereas the reverse of these weapons of destruction is the assurance that through him, with him, and in him we are conquerors. If only we can solve the indefinite problems of why, what, where, and when, we would have made our custom choices but again our human limitations would have caged our choices to less than a perfect one. Unlike us, God is omnipotent and omniscience thus his choice is summa perfectissimus. The substance of our being is divine not even the theory of the big band would contradict this therefore the knowledge of who we are and what we are made of stands as the unlocking master key to life of faith that stimulates life of hope which brings us to the believe in the supremacy of God’s will and his eternal love to us. The problem of “ I” is that you are alone and your strength comes from you alone but to let go allows you to submit your inability to God who takes over while you rest. The unacceptance of the limitation of our knowledge inhibits our experience of the omniscience and omnipotence of God. When we give total submission he takes whole control thus providence and assurance become his responsibilities not ours. . It takes cause and effect for this to be a reality, if we submit totally, then he makes all things new and the burden light for he is faithfully indefinite. Thus “come to me all you labor and are overburdened and I will give you rest.”

Article by Ustyne